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Red Wing Shoes

Retail Interior and Museum

Want to see the world’s largest boot? Stop by Red Wing Shoes’ store in Red Wing, Minnesota, to pose with 20 x 16 foot (no pun intended), size 638 ½ D Red Wing classic that sits at the store’s entrance. Thanks to the “selfie station” Star created, customers can perfectly position themselves next to the Red Wing boot and logo for memorable shots that can be shared on social media. What’s more, to make the most of this unique lead-generation opportunity, the selfie station also makes it easy for Red Wing to collect visitor email addresses for follow-up by the company’s sales and marketing team.

In addition to the first-floor retail space, visitors can head upstairs to the Red Wing Museum. Along the way, they can enjoy the Wall of Honor. Created by Star to showcase the company’s 100-year history, the wall features 32 pairs of Red Wing boots, each with a unique story contributed by actual customers—from first responders to farmers—all accessible via a nearby touchscreen kiosk.

Once upstairs, visitors can enjoy Star-created displays that showcase the first pair of boots ever made by Red Wing, vintage advertisements and state-of-the-art, head-to-toe garments that keep workers safe in both hot and cold weather.

638 1/2 D Red Wing Classic Boot

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