Sports events

From showing pride for the local high school teams to entertaining customers at the professional sports level, STAR works with you to come up with ways to activate and elevate your brand inside, outside, and around the stadium or playing field.

The Zurich Classic, golf sign

Community & industry events

Let STAR assist you with making a positive, lasting impression at community and industry events. As these types of events can come in all shapes and sizes, STAR helps you align the event with your brand and make a powerful visual statement of your support.

Taco Bell marketing booth with purple gloves on its countertop

Product launches

With a new product launch, the success of the event that announces it can be as critical as the product itself. STAR helps you make your event marketing special—from start to finish. We support you at every step to showcase your new product and highlight its importance.

Coke Creations marketing displays with backdrop posters

Internal events

When you have something important to say to employees, STAR can help bring your message to life in ways you may not have imagined, and we can concept, design, and build with both speed and scale based on your timeline and business objectives.

Target marketing displays set up in an industrial building


Virtual reality at an Emerson marketing booth
Use of state-of-the-art technology specific to events.
Design and construction support with in-house resources.
Doritos being marketed from within a tent on a streetside
Alignment of your brand materials with event theme and location.

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