Store fixtures

At STAR, building things is what we do. Our in-house craftspeople can design store fixtures and shelf structures to exacting specifications, so you can display your merchandise in the best light possible. And we build using sustainable methods that minimize environmental impact and materials waste.

  • Custom store fixtures and shelves designed to exact specs.
  • In-house craftspeople ensure top-quality displays.
  • Sustainable building methods used.
  • Minimizes materials waste.
  • Eco-friendly, precision-built solutions for retail.


Floor layout & design

Success relies heavily on your retail interior design’s visual appeal, product placement, customer traffic flow, and more. STAR understands the theory behind store layout, fixtures, and displays— and we know how to put it to practice. So let us help keep your customers in the right mood to buy.

  • Precise floor layout and design services.
  • Visual appeal and strategic product placement.
  • Enhances customer traffic flow efficiency.
  • Utilizes advanced store layout and display principles.
  • Creates an optimal shopping environment for higher sales.
Representative speaking with a customer near a door display

Pop-up retail

Get your product in front of new customers fast with pop-up shops. These can be highly effective sales opportunities. But launching one is no easy task. STAR can make it happen, applying the right strategies to make a pop-up a powerful and profitable brand experience.

  • Impactful pop-up shops.
  • Strategic planning for rapid deployment.
  • Custom fixtures and displays for maximum effect.
  • End-to-end support from design to execution.
  • Ensures a powerful brand experience that attracts new customers.


Lakeshore Gifts for Growing Kids in-mall toy display

Museum displays

Every museum exhibit tells a story. STAR helps you make the story even more interesting and informative with displays that immerse visitors in the experience. Innovative display cases, elevated platforms, wall mounts, and interactive technology combine to make each and every exhibit one to remember.

  • Innovative display cases and elevated platforms.
  • Custom wall mounts and interactive technology for a dynamic visitor experience.
  • Engaging and informative displays with precision engineering.
  • Immersive storytelling through advanced exhibit solutions.
  • Ensures each exhibit captivates and educates


Paint color swatch display used on a rack in-store
In-house retail design expertise and construction.
Marketers having a brain storm meeting
Data-driven best practices to maximize retail sales.
Person working on a laptop with an upward graph
Ongoing analysis to optimize results.

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