At STAR, we believe in driving positive change in the events industry through sustainable practices.

Our journey towards sustainability is not just a commitment; it’s an ongoing mission. With the industry’s environmental impact in focus, we’re dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing waste in every project.

Why sustainability matters

Today’s consumers and businesses prioritize sustainability. Recognizing this, we embed eco-friendly practices into every aspect of our work. From creative concepting with sustainable designs to employing digital signage for reduced waste, every step reflects our dedication to the planet.

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How we champion sustainability:

Creative Solutions

We integrate sustainable designs right from the conceptual stage, ensuring that our creative strategies align with eco-friendly objectives.

Digital innovation

Utilizing digital displays, we offer creative flexibility while significantly reducing material waste.

Conscious material sourcing

Our commitment to sustainability extends to material selection, prioritizing recyclability and reuse.

Modular design for reuse

We design with future usability in mind, creating pieces that can be repurposed for various events.

Manufacturing for the environment

Our manufacturing processes are continuously refined for better sustainability, from paint mixing to material usage.

Client success stories

We’ve partnered with forward-thinking brands like Oatly, helping them create sustainable exhibits that align with their brand values. Our collaborative approach focuses on reusable materials, innovative designs, and effective waste management.

Read more about the eco-conscious solutions we’ve created for our clients!

Looking ahead

Sustainability is more than a trend for us; it’s a guiding principle. We’re continually evolving our strategies and practices to set new industry standards. By working with STAR, you’re choosing a partner committed to building a greener future for the events industry.

Discover how STAR’s comprehensive approach to sustainability can elevate your brand.

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