Lobby design

Make a statement whenever visitors come through the door. STAR can help you update your lobby area to highlight your brand while creating a comfortable yet professional space.

  • Custom reception desks and branded signage for your lobby.
  • Digital displays and interactive kiosks to engage visitors.
  • Branded furniture and decor to reflect your company’s identity.
  • Tailored lighting solutions to enhance the professional ambiance.
  • Welcoming and impressive lobby environment that highlights your brand.

Stadium experiences

Customer experience (CX) centers give customers a chance to see your products in a relaxed, inviting setting. With increased sales as your ultimate goal, STAR can create a memorable experience in an innovative space every time.

  • CX centers with custom retail fixtures and digital kiosks.
  • Immersive multimedia presentations using LED video walls and interactive screens.
  • Enhances the space with branded furniture and custom seating solutions.
  • Innovative lighting systems and branded feature walls to highlight products.
  • Memorable customer experience with STAR’s comprehensive design and execution services.
Very large Minnesota Vikings banner that reads "Open the Gates"

Customer experience center

Innovators need spaces that spark ideas and encourage creative problem-solving. STAR has led the design and build of many such spaces to help organizations stay on the leading edge of new technologies, attract top talent, and build the foundation for future business.

  • Innovative spaces with modular furniture and adaptable workstations.
  • Interactive whiteboards and digital collaboration tools for brainstorming.
  • Custom lighting solutions and acoustic panels to create an inspiring environment.
  • Advanced AV systems and smart technology for seamless connectivity.
  • Dynamic spaces that foster creativity and attract top talent using STAR’s tailored solutions.


Design and implementation of spaces at the speed and scale you need.
Precise attention to detail to enhance customer experiences.
Wall display in a hospital reading, "Every customer matters"
Corporate solutions that inspire employees to be their best.

Donor Wall. Be Inspired.

A storytelling installation honors one of the university’s most dedicated donors – Guy Schoenecker – showcasing his contributions and inspiring continued investment in STEAM education.

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