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Launch Party and Trade Show Exhibits

How does a global medical technology company launch a new, multi-million-dollar brand?

With a Day-1 launch party—followed by a robust and aggressive trade show exhibit strategy.

Star began by helping Vyaire—a new, global multi-million-dollar spin-off brand—throw a successful global launch party: assembling, packing and shipping Vyaire-branded balloons, t-shirts, backpacks and other promotional items using Star’s voluminous warehouse space to receive and store items all in one place.

Then Star played a leading role in designing, building and managing everything Vyaire needed for the trade shows they are attending this year. Because some shows overlap, Star created a system that was flexible enough to work for any one of Vyaire’s product platforms.

The new exhibit, which can be made smaller or larger depending on the size of the show, features an overhead signage system that helps attendees get to know the new brand and its wide range of products, some as small as pins, others as large as phone booths.

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