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North Star

When you’re hosting 400 employees for a special event that’s all about a premiere customer experience, you’d better make sure the event is premiere, too.

That’s precisely why Target Corporation turned to Star.

To showcase the Fortune 500 company’s exciting new plans and reinforce its commitment to exceptional customer service, Star created an immersive, highly interactive event at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The event featured self-guided tours through a series of seven rooms, ranging from large presentation arenas to small, museum-like gallery spaces. The imaginative rooms included:

  • Two imitation, full-size semi-trailers designed to look as though they’d just been backed into the room—flashing tail lights and all
  • A custom-made “gumball polling station,” at which employees could use one of eight gumball dispensers to cast votes for their favorite customer experience qualities
  • Intimate, free-standing “discussion booths” where comfortable seating made it easy for employees to get to know one another
  • Furniture and clothing displays
  • Colorful infographics

In addition, Star designed and fabricated three stages spanning in size from 20 to 40 feet, each complete with a maple-veneer backdrop that helped spotlight the event’s speakers and the “exceptional service” message they were charged with delivering.



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