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National Electrical Contractors Association 20x40

How do you build your brand when you’re a nationwide company known by your regional distributors?

You hire Star. That’s exactly what Sonepar did for the National Electrical Contractors Association Convention and Tradeshow.

To help the family-owned, business-to-business distributor of electrical products and related services build awareness of the company as a whole and highlight the names and logos of its many regional distributors. Star created an inviting light-filled space divided into several brightly color-coded areas, each featuring a different region of the country and staffed with regional reps who encouraged conversation and answered questions.

The exhibit also featured life-sized mannequins wearing Sonepar’s safety equipment to help drive home the point that the company cares about more than just the bottom line. Much of this equipment was then given away, creating even more reason for attendees to visit Sonepar.

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