Proto Labs VR Exhibit

VR Experience

Protolabs is a leading additive manufacturer, specializing in injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining and 3D printing. They were ready to wow the industry at a premier show when COVID-19changed the tradeshow industry landscape. The postponement of the show was a major business disappointment, leaving Protolabs without a traditional means to showcase their cutting-edge product offering.They needed a new approach, and they needed it quickly. The solution also had to be cost-effective. STAR was called on to deliver a virtual exhibit experience that would allow Protolabs to showcase their products in detail, entice visitors and generate new business leads. Protolabs knew STAR would deliver.

STAR jumped to action and, in record time, created a compelling 3D experience with engaging navigation, life like graphics and a comprehensive brand story. The approach guided visitors throughout the exhibit with interactive touch points that highlighted product features and benefits. The virtual trade show was paired with online learning opportunities for clients and prospects. Much like a live trade show, Protolabs was able to interact in the manner most engaging for their audience.

"Protolabs was thrilled with the end result. Not only did this virtual exhibit exceed expectations, the entire effort was done within their cost-conscious budget." Kristi Rice, Protolabs

Virtual reality is here to stay

COVID-19 inspired STAR to refine our approach and deliver in new ways for our clients. It’s almost as though we’re on a crash course called, “necessity is the mother of invention.” As we move forward, we’re finding new and innovative ways to engage. We’re exploring new strategies to drive brand awareness, increase traffic and boost sales. In partnership with our clients, we are discovering new opportunities for success. One key learning from this project with with Protolabs, virtual experiences well be a critical component of future exhibit strategies. Our team is poised to find the solution that works for your brand.

Make virtual and live streaming an ongoing component of your in-person events.”—STAR

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