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Patterson Dental

American Dental Association 20x80

Patterson Dental, one of North America’s largest distributors of dental equipment, software, technology and services, needed to refresh its tradeshow exhibit. Not only was the exhibit nearly a decade old, it was heavy to ship and time-intensive to assemble.

Enter Star.

Working with Patterson’s different business units to ensure each were represented, Star created a bright, lightweight, modular exhibit that can be easily reconfigured to work in a variety of tradeshow spaces. The exhibit features an easy-to-navigate symmetrical layout that invites visitors in and ensures a harmonious, engaging experience. The clean combination of vinyl flooring and carpeting evokes the warm professionalism of today’s dental offices, while the four large, bright-white billboards proclaim Patterson messaging, including the fact that the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Large touchscreen monitors make it easy to change out interactive content at each show, and free-standing digital kiosks provide additional ways to feature key messages and promote specific business units.

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