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Minnesota United Loon


Nowadays, events are the perfect place to document moments and memories. That’s why STAR loved creating a special photo op for a Minnesota United FC event, held at St. Paul’s very own, Allianz Stadium. Attendees of the event included exuberant fans, Target executives, and Minnesota United (Go Loons!) players.

STAR worked very quickly with the client to create this bright, colorful photo op experience. In two weeks, the team managed drawings, client sign-off, and full installation for the event activation.

Stairs and a ramp were added to a beautiful fabricated loon to properly allow fans to snap photos inside its wings. STAR installed the graphics and the gorgeous artwork for the loon, designed by well-known local artist, Adam Turman. Since STAR was adding elements to an already existing asset, the main goal was to enhance the overall look and create an experience that was sturdy and eye-catching; that could withstand any weather and excited fans.

Events are the prime place to capture special moments, but STAR wanted to make sure this one was especially unique. Bold colors, and a head-turning installation was key, and since Target focuses on creating experiences with materials that are eco-friendly, STAR created the loon using HDO (high density overlay).

When minimal timing is a factor, STAR’s goal is to make sure quality isn’t jeopardized. In this case, the work was something everyone could be proud of, especially the fans.

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