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Hail Merry

Natural Products Expo West 10x20

Hail Merry is a category-redefining snack-food company with a great mission: “to create ‘HAIL YES!’ indulgence” with gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, paleo-friendly deliciousness. Star’s been delighted to help Hail Merry bring its energetic brand identity to life in creative ways at the National Products Expo West (NPEW) and other industry events.

A recent 10 x 20 foot exhibit updates a previous one with wry new graphics that celebrate the launch of Hail Merry’s bite-size cups and tarts. The company’s halo-lit logo glows dramatically, attracting attendees from the busy trade show floor and inviting them to sample the delicious treats from innovative refrigerated product bins from Coolio™, a Dutch manufacturer.

Outfitted by Star with brand messaging (#SinkYourTeeth), the Coolio bins keep Hail Merry’s cups chilled and fresh while simultaneously communicating a key product feature—the healthy raw ingredients. Even better for those at NPEW? They got a two-pack of cups—rather than the usual trade show “sample-on-a-toothpick.” Sweet!

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