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Division Optical

Retail Environment

What happens when a missed deadline has an optical company seeing red? Star comes to the rescue.

Division Optical was all set to launch its new retail store when it learned that its original fabricator could not deliver the walls and high-end fixtures it had been hired to produce. The situation was complicated by Division Optical’s tight timeline and firm budget.

Star was able to quickly create the rich, rustic design and unique retail experience Division Optical had in mind. One reason is because Star fabricated the fixtures in-house, which saved both time and money. And because Star engineered the fixtures with installers in mind (not just customers), Star also helped Division Optical save time and money on the backend.

Star’s unique design development showcases a variety of materials—reclaimed lumber, galvanized steel, chains, low-iron glass and wrought-iron hardware—to create a rustic, yet elegant, look and feel that is warm, inviting and most of all, eye-catching.

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