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Division Optical

Retail Environment

When it comes to a Grand Opening for any store, it’s important for the brand to consider representing a new store space with gusto, especially to build brand awareness. Luckily, that’s what Division Optical was going for within their new in-store design. They worked with an outside designer to dream up a space that was customized and unique for their grand opening and throughout the life of the store. They came to STAR to bring the vision to life through engineering, production, and installation.

The designs themselves were premium, with a lot of detail and custom features. The goal of the space was to define how each eyewear product would look best showcased within the displays in-store and increase engagement with the consumer. Beyond a tight timeline and a firm budget, STAR was able to quickly create the rich, rustic design and unique retail experience Division Optical was dreaming about. STAR fabricated the fixtures in-house, which saved both time and money. And because Star engineered the fixtures with installers in mind, and customers too, STAR helped Division Optical save time and money on the backend.

STAR’s unique design development showcased a variety of non-traditional materials: reclaimed lumber, galvanized steel, chains, low-iron glass and wrought-iron hardware. These materials created a rustic, elegant, and warm look that was inviting and most of all, eye-catching. To dazzle up the design even more, eyewear was displayed in unique ways: hanging from the ceiling and backlit with unique lighting and complimentary fixtures. As the client desired, the premier product was highlighted by the equally premier design complimenting it.

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