At Star, we're all about creating spaces for exceptional experiences. So, imagine the fun we had creating a new 200,000 sq. ft. home.


We designed and built our big new facility in 2016 from the ground up, and we did it with you and your customers in mind. It’s where we create and deliver what Star is known for: extraordinary experiences, service and results.


Welcome to an environment that communicates brand, culture and customers—with a gallery of client projects that do the same.


We designed the heart of our facility for maximum collaboration, with customer project and huddle rooms, locally-themed conference areas and a relaxing patio.


Join us for a cup of our family-grown, locally roasted Kona brew, embraced by warm reclaimed wood walls. (Hoku is Hawaiian for “star.”)


Our award-winning creative team starts each project by gaining insights into your customers’ experiences. Then they let loose their inspired expertise to bring your brand to life.


Our team of custom builders and craftspersons work in a 50,000 sq. ft. fabrication area—many at custom-made hickory workbenches—24/7 and in multiple shifts as needed.


Our team designs, creates, applies and installs the graphic and visual elements to tell your brand or customer stories.


Dedicated warehouse space is home for our customers’ assets, for our extensive online inventory of rental properties and for all shipping and receiving activities.

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